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Each shawl is a unique original; it would be rare to find a another just like it. Currently an overview of products for sale is being worked on. Please check the gallery to to see what style suits you best, and naturally, you are always welcome to make an appointment to come and see for yourself.

If you are a frequenter of art fairs, chances are that you will see me there.

Also, my shawls are for sale in the museum shop of the Dutch Textile Museum in Tilburg (sold off temporarily). This museum should be on the top of everyone’s list if they’re interested in textile art and the origin of textiles.

Another point of sale is Gallery Zilverschoon in Doesburg. Address: Kerkstraat 29, 6981 CL Doesburg.

My weaving is not restricted to making shawls, but also includes unique handwovens, such as household textiles, curtains and various types of hand bags. More often than not you will be surprised to see the result of working with unusual materials.

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