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Links to various people and organisations that are part of our weaving, textile and art network.

Weefnetwerk strive for the promotion and improving weaving.
Weefnetwerk wants to bring people closer to each other.
Marian Stubenitsky
Weaver and weaving trainer. Various classes are available for beginners and more advanced weavers. If you’re interested in advancing your work, do not hesitate to contact her!

Marianne Benkö

...One moment you’re looking at a painting, and the next you find yourself being part of it. You don’t know how you got there and what is making these elements so familiar to you. What you do know is that you have become an integral part of them.

Corrie van Eijk

A lady with her own style, specialising in magnificent wall hangings and liturgical vestments. Her work is on display in various town halls and embassies.

Textiel Plus

The explorer of the world of textile never ceases to be amazed. So many materials, so many techniques. Innovation and experiments are emblems of the current developments in the world of textile arts and design. This organisation aims to promote the quality and publicity of textile.

Nederlands Textielmuseum

The Dutch Textile Museum is a creative organisation. Designers, artists and students are invited to submit their special designs. Craftsmanship is integrated with creativity. The visitor can see the complete process from draft to end product. A truly inspiring experience!


This website is owned by Karina van Vught. It is the place to be to buy materials or to sign up for a workshop. Products can be ordered online.

Louët B.V.

Louët products are known worldwide for their excellent quality, effectiveness and original design. Wherever you go you will meet satisfied customers, who can rely on this company’s excellent service.

Handwerken zonder grenzen

Fancywork magazine publishing articles on techniques especially involving textile. These may concern subjects from our own country as well as from across the world. Key words are tradition, folklore and history.


For twenty-five years now  Harm Harms en Meinie Wardenier" have been the people behind this name. They are designers of  patterns for clothing and interior textiles. Designs are carried out on natural silk, linen, hemp, wool and cotton. Processing and selling over 100 varieties of silks, they have every right to call themselves silk specialists.

Anneke Kersten

The use of different materials, such as metal thread, paper, hemp, linen, wood, paint and glue is the basis of her work. Weaving techniques are the means to express inspiration. She is inspired by colour, form and structure of landscapes and geometric art.

Roos Cox

Still driven by a long-term fascination with threads pointing upwards and threads pointing downwards, resulting in an end product. Always looking for an experiment. Today’s experiment is the base for the experiment of tomorrow.

Information on crocheting, techniques, materials, patterns, weaving shops, communities, weaving blogs, weaving communities, books, magazines and current developments in the area of weaving.

Information on felting, techniques, materials, patterns, shops, communities, blogs, books, magazines and current developments concerning felting.
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