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For years now I have been interested in all aspects of art and culture. Especially the areas where crafts intersect with art have been thorougly explored. From here it was only a small step towards adding a new dimension to weaving.

The result: a comprehensive assortment of various experimental fabrics. Current focus is on weaving and felting shawls and wraps. Almost always using home-dyed materials. The materials are used such as to create baroque-like larger and smaller shawls, which, next to their functional purpose, are adding a creative touch to the wearer’s outfit. A special touch as far as the felt shawls are concerned, is that you can see small hollows filled by super fine silk. It is easy to see how colour and materials interact almost naturally, making each shawl a unique product. .

In addition, I made an effort to try and use my creativity and versatility in other aspects, varying from fabrics to objects. All my life I have been fascinated by textiles, and especially by creating them. I started by sowing and knitting clothing for myself, later for my children. Then, in the seventies, with many other women, I took up weaving and spinning. Only when I became general editor of WEVEN magazine, weaving became a daily discipline, also inspired by interviews with artists and the cooperation with Corrie van Eijk.

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